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Creating and Leading High-Performing Teams

The Seven Crucial Conversations (7CCs: Seven Crucial Conversations) for High-Performing Teams is our universal service that applies to all kinds of teams. Teams become high-performing when all 7CCs are driven to resolution.

The first step in the journey is to survey current team performance against the 7CCs. This reveals constraints and priorities for higher performance and helps define a team’s desired state and process to get there.

Creating and Leading High-Performing Businesses

People tend to understand how businesses work from the perspective of the roles that they play. For marketers it is about market potential, for sales it is about revenue, and for operations it is about productivity.

Our Business Triangle is a framework for visualizing the way in which businesses operate and how capabilities & roles work together to drive growth and value toward competitive advantage.


Creating and Leading High-Performing Enterprises

As enterprises scale, they are challenged by increasing complexity and risk. Leadership has no choice but to adapt and align across the following domains: leadership & culture, capabilities & roles, and strategies & customer experience.

The Evolutionary Stages framework guides leadership to understand, plan and lead across all domains, based on their evolutionary stage. The journey begins by assessing enterprise performance against the framework, which reveals constraints and priorities for growth.

"With the guidance of Growth River, organizations learn to drive change in complex environments and scale with their most valuable resource – their people."



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Organizational Development

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Organizational Development